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What Are Cosmetic Repairs?

Cars can sustain cosmetic damage, which means it’s esthetic but doesn’t impact the operational performance of a vehicle. Simply put, with cosmetic damage, you can still drive your car, whereas, with structural damage, the vehicle becomes inoperable.

Discover in today’s blog examples of cosmetic damage and repairs you can make.

Cosmetic Damages to a Vehicle

Several ways a vehicle can sustain cosmetic damage include a cracked windshield, dents, rust, and other debris that cause scratches, dirt, and salt. When assessing cosmetic damage, it’s vital to ensure the damage won’t compromise your safety and that of your passengers. For example, a cracked windshield can obscure your view and shatter easier in a crash or when impacted by an object.

The psychology of cosmetic damage is that when an owner drives a new vehicle, and it gets scratched, they are far more likely to fix it immediately. Once the car gets older and more scratches and dings appear, they get used to the look and are more tolerant of cosmetic blemishes to their vehicle. It’s important to determine if the cosmetic damage is something you can live with or is reflective of something more serious that can affect your safety.

Cosmetic Repairs

Cosmetic repairs are those involved with visible damage — ones you can see on the car and how they affect its appearance. You may need to factor in some things pertaining to cosmetic repairs. If you’re selling your vehicle or planning on turning it in for a new one, fixing those cosmetic issues will enable you to get more money from the sale. This is particularly true if you’re selling privately. 

Also, seemingly harmless cosmetic damage can cause issues in the long run, such as with paint damage that can lead to oxidation of the metal body and the base color paint, which then leads to rusting, fading, or paint peeling. Dents near the wheels can affect their alignment or how the car turns. 

Cosmetic repairs can be as simple as buffing out scratches or getting a new paint job, but the more severe cosmetic damage should only be done by a professional. The vehicle type, paint color, location, and extent of the damage should be assessed by an experienced auto body shop, such as with Schneider Auto Body. 

There may be hidden damage that you’re not aware of, as well, hence why it’s important to have a knowledgeable mechanic take a look. They can connect your car’s computer to their diagnostic system, which helps them discover what and where the damage is on your vehicle.

These simple cosmetic repairs can turn into an expensive cost down the line, so it’s best to get them fixed as soon as possible.

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