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What Car Crash Injuries Can You Sustain?

There’s never a convenient time to get in a car crash, especially if your accident includes any kind of car crash injuries. 

Between the pain from your injuries and the time you need to take to properly recover from your injuries, it can be quite overwhelming.

In terms of different kinds of injuries, there are a few common things that you might run into if you get in a car accident. Here are some of the most typical injuries you might sustain.

Back Injuries

Perhaps one of the most common and the most serious injuries you can have is a back injury. This includes any injury that might happen to the spine. While back injuries may be delayed in presenting themselves, they are not to be trifled with. Back injuries are very serious and should be treated as soon as possible.

Brain Injuries

In terms of seriousness, brain injuries are just above back injuries. TBI, or traumatic brain injuries, come when there is a major blow to the head during an accident, or even if something pierces the head.

Broken Bones

Another common injury you may encounter in a car accident is broken bones. It could be as small as a finger or as significant as an arm or a leg. Some of the most common broken bone injuries from car accidents include ribs, wrists, legs, and arms. 


Something else you may encounter with car accident injuries is burns. We aren’t just talking about the burn you get when you accidentally touch a hot pan. With some car accidents, your car may catch fire, and this can bring on very severe second and third degree burns that will require consistent medical attention.


One of the most common injuries you can get from a car crash is whiplash. It is a neck injury that is caused by very rapid movement of the neck. It’s common to see this happen when you are struck by another car and your body reacts to the impact. While some cases are fairly mild, others can be serious, even leading to spinal injuries.

Road Rash

While the name suggests that injury would come exclusively from the road, this isn’t the only way that you can get road rash. Impact from shards of glass, metal, and other broken objects can cause road rash, in addition to skidding across the asphalt during an unwanted car accident.

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