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5 Things You Need to Know Before Renting a Car

If you are renting a car, we’ve got five things you should know beforehand. Keep reading for our expert tips. 

Consider Where to Pick up Your Rental

Some rental car companies will charge you more for the same car, depending on where you pick it up. Picking up your rental car at the airport, in particular, will probably end up costing you more than if you were to take public transportation to an off-site rental company, even if it’s just a few miles away. 

Inspect Your Rental

It can be tempting to drive away once you get to your rental car; however, you must inspect the vehicle first. When a car is returned to the company, an inspection is conducted for any damage renters may have incurred. While these inspections are thorough, you must perform your own inspection so that you won’t have to pay to fix the damage you didn’t cause. If you can photograph and report this damage before leaving the lot, you can avoid damage charges. 

Be Aware of Your Insurance Plan

Many car rental companies will charge you additional insurance fees; however, it may be completely unnecessary to buy insurance through the rental company. Many insurance providers also cover rental cars as a part of your car insurance plan, so doubling up on insurance through the rental company is unnecessary. Double-check with your insurance provider before picking up your rental car to ensure you aren’t paying for excessive coverage. 

Read the Fine Print

You must understand what you agree to when you sign out for a rental car. Some companies have hidden fees in their contracts for empty gas tanks, cleaning services, late check-ins, and so forth, so if you would like to avoid any surprise charges when returning your car, you must read the rental agreement thoroughly. 

Younger Drivers Pay More

Most rental companies have a policy that charges drivers under 25 premium prices for renting a car, and this applies no matter how close or far you are driving it. If you are a younger driver, this is something to keep in mind; you may want to find someone older to drive you. 

Choose Your Driver Carefully

If you are headed on a road trip with several people, carefully consider who will be driving. The more drivers you list on the agreement when renting a car, the more you will typically be charged. Your driver must be up to the challenge if you are only putting one person on the rental agreement because if a driver who is not on the agreement gets into an accident, the damages may not be covered. 

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