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Supply Chain Problems and Kindness

I’ve been reading lots in the news about supply chain issues, and I can verify that we are dealing with it here on a daily basis. Back-ordered parts are a common occurrence these days.

  • Parts that used to arrive the next day are often taking 2 weeks to get to us.
  • Recently we ordered a back glass for a 2019 SUV that took 3 weeks to receive.
  • We ordered a door for a car and were told it’s back-ordered for 6 weeks.
  • A turn signal lamp that was ordered, expedited, and promised to us in a week and a half max, hadn’t even shipped 3 weeks later.

These are just a few examples. It is so frustrating!

Unfortunately, sometimes repairs are delayed by parts problems, but we are doing our best and getting creative. We search nationwide for used parts, sometimes we can even find the correct part on eBay. We have a very proactive, problem-solving outlook. Please bear with us and know that our #1 goal is 100% customer satisfaction. In fact, we want to “wow” you with the experience.

When faced with difficult circumstances, we try to remain positive when interacting with our suppliers, our customers, and one another and receiving kindness in return means a lot to us. We are grateful for your understanding and hope these supply chain issues can be resolved in the near future.

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