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What are Sublet Repairs?

Like general contractors need subcontractors, auto repair shops sometimes need to reach out to other shops for sublet repairs. A car has hundreds of different parts, and sometimes a mechanic can’t know about everything, especially in smaller local shops. They may need to reach out to a specialist in these circumstances, but how does this work? Doesn’t this drive away customers? If you’ve never heard of these types of repairs, it may seem like sending customers to the competition, but it’s more organized than that. 

How Sublet Repairs Work

Subletting is any service that you contract out to another shop. A good network will be essential when it comes to subletting because you’ll have options when it comes to different shops you can refer your customers to. When you subcontract work to them, you can attach a markup fee to the work so that your shop still makes money and the customer receives the services they require; it’s a win-win. 

How to Decide When so Sublet 

It’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons of subletting because sometimes you may be able to perform a service in-house, even if it seems complex. Other times, something that seems simple may end up costing you more time and money than it’s worth, so in those cases, it’s best to rely on sublet repairs. Here are some ways to tell if subletting is worth it: 

  • If you’re asked to do something that your shop doesn’t do often enough, for example, more than a few times a month, you may want to sublet those services to a specialty shop. 
  • If you have to train your mechanics on something they won’t use regularly, consider subletting those services. 
  • If you need to purchase special equipment to provide the service, sublet instead.
  • Additionally, if the equipment will take up too much of your space, sublet.
  • Is this service going to cause a spike in your liability insurance? A specialty shop may already have specific services covered under their insurance plan. 

These questions will help you decide when to sublet so that you aren’t wasting valuable resources and causing frustration to the customer. 

How to Create a Good Subletting Network 

The trick to creating a good network is to keep it somewhat small. This makes it easier to manage and get good deals because you do not have to communicate with dozens of shops. Instead, keep track of recurring one-off services that you’re getting in your shop and get in contact with other places that perform those services. It will be much easier for you to build great relationships with your subletters if you spend more time communicating with them. 

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