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What is Suspension Alignment?

Suspension alignment is some of the most important maintenance you should be performing on your vehicle. If your alignment goes unchecked for long periods, or if it’s thrown off after an accident, the rest of your car can suffer catastrophic damage. 

Modern suspension systems can be adjusted in various spots, hence why not having regular maintenance can damage your car. This article touch on alignment and its different components.

Suspension Alignment Defined 

Your vehicle's alignment allows for adjustments in variables like manufacturing tolerances, wear, changes in tires, and even accidents. With so many adjustment points, it’s guaranteed that something will slip over time, especially if you hit a speed bump going too fast or if you’re involved in a crash. 

It’s important to note that misalignment can also happen during something as simple as installing a new set of tires—checking your alignment consistently is the best way to keep your vehicle running safely and smoothly. 

Which Aspects of Suspension Alignment Can be Adjusted? 

It’s easier to understand why periodic alignment checks are crucial when you break down the individual components of an adjustment: 

The toe refers to deviations that occur in the tires. Your car’s tires should face almost directly forward at any given time, but sometimes slight deviations happen. Whether inward or outward, excessive toe results in increased tire wear and a decrease in your fuel economy. More severe deviations can make a vehicle hard to control. 

Camber is the extent to which tires tilt toward or away from the vehicle's center as viewed from the side. Braking performance and acceleration are at their peak if the tires are vertical or at 0 camber. If the camber is too far in the positives or negatives, tire wear increases. Excessively misaligned camber impacts breaking ability. 

Caster is the difference between where a tire touches the road and the point at which it pivots when turned— it can only be adjusted on the front tires. 

If you notice that your car is starting to feel harder to control, or you see that you have to fill up more frequently, you should take it in for an inspection— you may need a suspension alignment. All three of these adjustments, when set right, allow your vehicle to perform well. But, the slightest deviation and you could face severe performance and safety issues.

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