There are many factors to consider when your car needs repair, and asking questions is an important part of the process. Car repairs can come up suddenly and it can be confusing and stressful, so we strive to help customers feel informed and comfortable. Here are the answers to some of our most common questions.

After an Accident: Getting an Estimate and Working With Insurance

I’ve been in an accident, what do I do?

We want to make this process as easy for you as possible and we’ll walk you through it. You’ll need to call the Insurance company to make the claim. Once you have a claim number and contact info, we can take it from there. We’ll write an estimate and submit it for you, we’ll help with rental car arrangements and get you scheduled in to get your car repaired and back to you looking like it never happened.

The State of Utah has a good list of what to do right away.

Do you work with insurance companies?

We work with all insurance companies, and in fact, you always get to choose who repairs your vehicle. 

My insurance company says Schneider Auto Karosserie isn’t on their “list”. What does that mean?

Legally, you always get to choose who repairs your vehicle. Period. If you ask them if you can choose a shop that’s not on their list, the answer will be ‘yes’. We work for you, not the insurance company. We don’t enter into service contracts with insurance companies that may limit our ability to represent your interests or repair your vehicle properly. We want to be able to go to bat for you.

What is my deductible, and who do I pay it to?

Your deductible is determined by your insurance, it is how much you have to pay for repairs before your insurance kicks in for the rest. Depending on your level of insurance, this can run from zero dollars, up to thousands. You’ll pay your deductible to Schneider Auto Karosserie when you pick up your vehicle.

What if I don’t have insurance or just want to pay out of pocket?

No problem! We do lots of out of pocket repairs. Just let us know and we’ll let you know what your options are. It’s your car, you can decide what you want to repair or not repair. Sometimes we’ll need to collect a deposit for special order parts, but normally, you’ll pay in full when you pick up.

How do I get an estimate?

You have options:

How many estimates do I need?

Legally, you get to choose who repairs your vehicle, and you just need one estimate. You don’t need to run around in a damaged car getting multiple estimates, though you can get more than one if you wish. We will work with the insurance company to get approval.

The Repair Process

Do I need an appointment?

We do suggest scheduling an appointment for repairs, but if you find yourself short on time, please give us a call at 801-484-9400 and we will try and fit you in as soon as is convenient.

How long will repairs take?

This is dependent on the complexity of the repairs, the situation, the availability of parts and materials, and much more. It truly varies from one situation to the next. We will provide an estimated time of completion at the same time we provide the cost estimate, although this does not include the time it may take for any additional damage repairs found in disassembly. In the end, we would rather make sure that the job is done right, than done fast.

What will I drive in the meantime?

If you are in need of a rental vehicle, our team can help arrange a rental car, truck, or SUV from one of our partners. Some insurances, new vehicle warranties, extended warranties, and even credit cards may cover or at least reduce rental vehicle cost – our team can help you figure out if there is an available discount for your rental.

What happens if additional damage is found after the estimate?

Hidden damage is a normal part of the process. During the course of repair, we may find further issues that need to be addressed. In this case, we will contact the insurance company for authorization to pay for any supplemental damages, and notify you before we take further action.

If my vehicle’s frame is damaged, is it a total loss?

Frame damage is no longer the nail in the coffin for a damaged vehicle. Most vehicles now have a unibody structure. Modern equipment, techniques, and advanced expertise of the technician allow for even severely-damaged unibody structures to be repaired. Of course, the less damage, the better the likelihood of saving the car. 

What payment types do you accept?

We accept checks (personal and endorsed insurance checks), Visa, Mastercard, and cash.

Are my repairs warrantied?

Yes – Schneider Auto Karosserie provides a limited lifetime warranty on parts and labor for the work we do. Please see our Warranty below for more information.

Schneider Auto Karosserie Repair Warranty

Details on Our Services

What services do you offer?

You can see our list of service here. If you're looking for something that's not listed, please feel free to contact us.

Do you do complete paint jobs or restorations?

As a collision repair shop, unfortunately, we don’t. Call us and we’ll see if we can give you a referral to someone who can help.

Can you repair my motorcycle?

If you do the disassembly and bring the parts to us, we’re happy to repair and paint them.

Can you repair my Sprinter van, dualie truck, or RV?

Unfortunately, due to the size of our spray booth, we’re not able to accommodate oversized vehicles. Give us a call and we’ll see if we can give you a referral to someone who can help.

What are your qualifications and what equipment do you use?

We are a certified I-CAR Gold Class Shop and an Acura and Honda Certified Collision Repair Shop. We use AkzoNobel Sikkens waterborne/water-based paint products for a superior finish.

See our staff page for individual qualifications, and Our Services for our equipment details. If you have further questions feel free to ask our friendly staff!

What is the difference between genuine, OEM, and aftermarket parts?

Genuine parts are branded by the manufacturer, and are the exact part found in your original vehicle – important if you want to keep all matching parts. OEM parts are the parts manufactured by the factory supplier for your vehicle, and will match them, but may not have the genuine branding. Aftermarket parts are third-party equivalents of the original factory parts. While we aim to use mainly Genuine and OEM parts, aftermarket parts are also an option if needed or requested. Often, this is at the discretion of the insurance company and their guidelines. Talk to your insurance agent to make sure you’re adequately covered before you need to make a claim.

Can Schneider Auto match my paint color exactly?

Absolutely. Our computerized paint system has access to all manufacturer’s paint formulations and our paint technicians can flawlessly match and blend the new paint into the existing paint of your vehicle. We use AkzoNobel Sikkens waterborne/water-based paint products.

We know there are plenty more questions you may have to ask – these are just the most common ones. Please get in contact with our team here at Schneider Auto Karosserie regarding any other questions you may have, our team will be happy to help you out in any way we can. We aim to provide the best customer service of any collision center in Utah, so let us give you a hand.

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